Wright of Vacuum

by Dull Company Myself

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released October 16, 2016




Dull Company Myself Cisterna Di Latina, Italy

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Track Name: Language
I do forget
There is no God
I do forget
There is no Love
And There is no pain
And everything is gonna blame
My own language
As in a game
Without thoughts
I'm dying alone
I'm without will and this can't last so long

Let it in
Let it out

No more excuses
No other abuses
I can't stand being choked
I do not mind
Being able to
Forget myself upon a tree
But please take care
Of what I mean

Every Word has is own world
Track Name: Life And Faith
I just want
to hide Myself alone
And keeping this
As a secret
I won't need to Be alive
Forgetting everything
I will be weightless as the sand
And my all will be as soft as the air-flow through my hair

I know that for this I'm not late
I'll wait until my sun has past away
My rise and fall will be the only way
To get Myself, to get it without faith
Track Name: I'll Probably Wait
Is that my fault?
Maybe I'm the reason
Of my fall
I don't even know
If I'm alive
I can't drive
If life doesn't follow his flow
Here is always the same show
But I know that
I'll probably wait

Falling and falling
Resting in the same old place
Looking for news
That is the flavour of failing
Let me know the way
I'll go if I don't Have to stay
Time is only a reason to keep
The distances in a road, tripping
Track Name: A Look for a Lack
Living away
From my purpose
Living away
From my purpose
I can't be like this
With no time
The pleasure
won't be mine
This is my fall
As a living nature
This is my fall
And this is all that matters
To wish
Is to fail
My time is not for sale

As far as I'm concerned
I don't believe
I can handle this
This way of feel what's around me
A look
For a lack
My head
Ready to crak
Winter fall
I'm falling like a drop
A bat that beats me up
Where I'm not able to feel
I cannot reach you under water
That's the last thing
That I'm gonna say